Dorothy - Cotton Candy Foil SOLD OUT

DOROTHY - Cotton Candy Foil 

A cute lace on the side makes these little shoes really charming, your baby will be comfortable in these ballet flats with the original Stretch&Stay™ system which holds the foot in place.


• Original Stretch&Stay™ helps getting the shoes on, holds shoes in place and prevents it from slipping out. • Made of extra soft leather for the natural movement and for the still in formation little feet’s healthy development. With cushioned edges and leather lining that allows breathing, it absorbs perspiration and keeps the feet dry. Fresh in summer and warm in the winter. • The insole is made of natural rubber and lined leather. It is biodegradable, antibacterial and with memory effect that returns to the original form after use it. • The Flex&Grip™ sole is flexible, non-slip and resistant. Protects while giving that "barefoot feeling", important to improve the balance and confidence of baby's first steps. • With Velcro closure that is easy to get on and adjusts to the baby’s little feet.


Tip Toey Joey® Originals with split soles has leather on its base that can be damaged with friction. To clean your shoe, use a damp cloth and mild soap – do not use water, do not put in the washing machine. Dry in shade.